For me having a site on the internet has always been something I wanted. This site is here to display learnings from my projects, my actual projects and to display some of my noob developer skills.

The site its self is built on Jekyll a static site generator, this allows for ease of use with Github Pages. There are more advanced static site generators out there such as a GatsbyJS however my JS is rusty and I don’t really know any React.

This site will more than likely always be changing, due to the fact that I like to find inspiration all over the web. Plus I am never satisfied with the final design until I play around with it so much that I normally break it. That’s the noob developer in me.

About the site

In case you were wondering, this site is:

If you’re interested you can find more about my macOS development setup in my config repo on GitHub.

Improvements / Upgrades

Apart from always adding new content, I guess at some point I should learn React and maybe port this site over to GatsbyJS.