Talent Acquisition Specialist ???

October 6th, 2021 ยท 1 min read

If you were to call me a Talent Acquisition Specialist I would think you were pulling my leg. However, having said that these past weeks I feel I could have the title Talent Acquisition Newbie!

I have taken on the task during downtime as a Solutions Engineer, to source talent for PulsePoints 21 open positions. This is mainly due to the very generous referral fee, having said that though I have always been interested in recruitment as a whole. I wanted to start a recruitment firm specialising in the Hospitality sector before COVID hit.

Now I have had a taste of it recruitment albeit just sourcing talent. I am very eager to learn more about Recruitment & HR as a whole.

Could this be a career change? If I was going to do anything about it, I think the time would be now. I am not scared of a challenge. It will be a hockey stick learning curve thats for sure.

These blog posts will now be more talent / recruitment / HR related, so sit back and watch my potential journey into Talent Acquisition / HR.

2021 @mrpbennett