# little bio

Hello! I am a 100% self-taught "developer" what I know today, comes from online courses, online communities, youtube, trial and error and the persistence to get the job done.

I would say my passion for development, came when I started to learn HTML & CSS building static sites from there I got into Sass, then JavaScript and now I am progressing and sticking to Python as my base language. Along with frameworks such as Django & Flask.

Being a self learner I do always try and keep teaching myself via side projects which you can check out on my Github or check out my current projects or read my posts.

Outside of work my partner would say I am cycling obsessed, I would say she would be right. I love cycling it's a massive passion of mine, you can check out my cycling blog over at cycling.mrpbennett.com.

# what I do for a living

I'm currently working at Pixalate() in their Customer Sucess team. Dealing with various clients day to day, while getting to excericse my developer / product manager itch. Building dashboards and scripts to make life easier.

# About the site

I bought this domain as @mrpbennett is my social handle, so why not get a domain to match. This site may go through changes, as I am never satisfied with the design. For the time being though I like what I have.

In case you were wondering, the site is:

  • Designed and coded on a Mac in London uk flag emoji
  • Coded with VSC
  • Built on Jekyll, the open source static site generator
  • Hosted on GitHub Pages
  • Site uses code guides standards

You can find more about my macOS development setup in my config repo on GitHub. The design and code powering this site can be found here.

If you want to get in touch use the below links...