Paul Bennett

I have always had an interest in the financial markets, being productive and generally making my life streamline. I am now lucky enough to be completely debt-free and can now to do start my journey into the world of investing.

I started my career in Information Tech, I now work in AdTech and have been since 2015. I am god damn awful at maths (thank god for spreadsheets and calculators). I'm not the fastest reader on the planet, but I do soak up knowledge like a sponge.

This site is here to show people that you don't need to be a Warren Buffet or a Carl iCahn type person nor do you need access to a Bloomberg terminal to make money in the markets. I am no expert and I expect to see some losses in trading, as no one is perfect. This site is not only about investing, but also about how to be productive and mindful.

My portfolio was created on 13/11/2019. Let me share with you my path to financial freedom and give you insights into how I stay productive and mindful! Outside of investing and being a productivity ninja, I am cycling obsessive as well as a cafe & brunch connoisseur!

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* Last updated on 10/02/2020