Paul Bennett

Self-confessed noob developer based in London, United Kingdom

I'm a 100% self-taught "developer" the skills I have today have come from online courses, communities, YouTube, trial and error, and the tenacity to get the job done.

My passion for development started when I began to learn HTML & CSS building static sites. From there, I got into Sass, JavaScript, Python I have even tinkered with a little Swift.

Being a self-learner, I always try and keep educating myself via multiple side projects, these you can check out via Github or read my posts where I talk about things I have learned or achieved.

Outside of learning to be a developer, my partner would say I am cycling obsessed. I would say she would be right. I love cycling! A massive passion of mine, you can check out my cycling blog over at cycling.mrpbennett.com.

About the site

I bought this domain as @mrpbennett is my social handle, so why not get a domain to match. This site may go through changes, as I am never satisfied with the design. For the time being though I like what I have.

In case you were wondering, the site is:

  • Designed and coded on a Mac in London 🇬🇧
  • Coded with VSC
  • Built on Gatsby, the open source framework based on React
  • Content managed and published by Contentful
  • Continuously deployed via Netlify

You can find more about my macOS development setup in my config repo on GitHub. The design and code powering this site can be found here.